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Icon depicting 'maskne', or mask-caused acne. Prevent maskne with Mask Defender, portable face mask spray.

'maskne' (mask-acne)

The combination of bacteria, heat, friction, and moisture under your face mask can lead to acne, or ‘maskne’. Frequently cleaning your mask with a non-irritating, unscented, hypoallergenic cleaner is essential in combating this problem.

Icon of a woman wearing a face mask.

Decreased protection

A dirty face mask decreases its ability to function properly. This results in less protection from illness-causing pathogens for yourself and those around you.

Icon showing three germ or virus particles.

illness & sore throats

A face mask teeming with bacteria, dirt, dust, and other contaminants can contribute to respiratory related sicknesses, such as sore throats, when you breathe in the germs trapped in the mask.

Icon showing the germs/bacteria/viruses on someones hands underneath a magnifying glass.

Bacteria Spreads

It is recommended that you limit how often you touch your face mask with your hands. Touching your face mask can transfer bacteria and viruses onto your hands. With Mask Defender, you can control the spread.

Icon depicting the idea of unpleasant odours, shown by a crossed-out nose.

unpleasant odours

Bacteria that easily repopulate in a face mask can result in a very unpleasant odour. Dirty face masks can also lead to bad breath, via the bacteria they hold, and the drying of the mouth that they often contribute to.

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